Far Infrared Sauna

New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)

New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)

New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)    New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)
Either way, there's a lot of valuable info below that can help you make the right choice for yourself. Again, we';re not sauna dealers - we've just owned several and have done a ton of research (mostly me) to make sure to always get the very best.

So this is the only one we have for sale. Thanks for checking out our item though. Description: TheraSauna (model# TS5753) 1-to-3-Person Far Infrared Health Sauna with MPS Touchview Control, Aspen Wood and 10 TheraMitter Heaters for interior/in-home use.

This is a brand new sauna. So I took it out of the boxes and assembled it for them (it assembles quickly - only took a half an hour or so).

And yeah, I understand that it's not easy for most people to put together an extra five grand for a luxury item like this. But I'll be re-boxing it and won't be demo'ing it for any friends again. The main thing is, not a single living soul has been inside this thing sweating in it. My brother wanted to, but I said no way.

It has only been brought up to temperature 3 or 4 times to prove that it works for a few people. So I can assure you that it's in perfect working order. Also, all the boxes are right next to the sauna and are in pristine shape. And all of this is in an extra room in our house with the door always closed so everything is in mint condition.

We have bought several saunas in our life. I bought this electric "dry heat" sauna for my wife as a second sauna just for her. Soon after it arrived, she caught the yoga bug and that caused the interior design plan for our home to completely change. So the room that this brand new sauna was meant to go into, is now her yoga room. So it turns out that we don't need this sauna after all.

And the remodel took so long that it's too late to return it. So here's your chance to get a great deal on the best sauna we could find.

Plus, they can't guarantee when they'll arrive so they make you stay at home all day to wait for them to show up so you can sign their paperwork. I killed two work days waiting for this sauna to arrive. The first day the driver got hung up and didn't show at all, the second day it came after 5:30pm but I had to wait all day (meaning I could've just gone ahead to work if I had known that he was going to be that late)... But again, they force you to wait all day no matter what. Anyway, I did a TON of research to find the very best sauna. And NO, the "hot rocks and steam" kind or saunas (indoor or outdoor) are not the best - they are actually bad for your lungs. Indoor, dry, far-infrared is the only way to go.

Many companies say that, but TheraSauna is the only one where I could actually verify that was the absolute truth. It seems that all the others who claim to be "Made In USA" are all just fibbing big time.

The other companies all use nothing but inferior parts from overseas. And "assembled in the USA" is not the same as "made in the USA" -not by a long stretch. TheraSauna actually makes everything here in the US. And TheraSauna has a ton more features and benefits and is taller than the SaunaRay saunas.

I'm 5-11 and would not be able to stand straight up in a SaunaRay, but TheraSauna is taller. So that made the choice between the 2 best an easy decision to make. Outside of that, ALL other saunas on the market seem to be bad for your health, or absolute junk and/or overpriced in my view.

Most others use toxic glues and plastics and cheap pressed woods that are really bad for your lungs, and even the heating elements they use emit dangerous EMF (electromagnetic frequency). When you want to relax or detox in a hot box like this, you shouldn't have to worry about the off-gassing of harmful fumes or bad EMF. And NO, cedar is not good for your lungs either (as you'll see in the info below). If you're convinced (wrongly convinced that is) that it's best to go the "hot rocks and steam" route, at least protect your lungs by making sure the wood used for your sauna is pure, unfinished Aspen and nothing else. It's all bad for you - except Aspen.

The photos I'm attaching are mostly stock photos. The brand new sauna we have up for sale here is NOT stained the darker brown color on the exterior as you see in some of the photos. In my research I found it absolutely horrible that any company would stain the interior of these things.

I ordered ours to be the same natural, unstained, untreated Aspen wood on both the inside and outside. My wife and I both have sensitive lungs, so I had to put a lot of extra research into finding the safest, most healthy sauna possible. Even stuff as simple as heavily chlorinated swimming pools are the kind of thing I try to stay away from. Anyway, the photos are mostly stock, but I have now added 3 I took myself. You'll be able to tell the difference I'm sure.

By the way, as with anything I sell on this site, no liability is assumed for your use of this item. I'm a kind-hearted Christian, but I'm also a business owner and an ex-military guy so I'm leery of scams that can come with online places sometimes. Down below I'm including a bunch of extra info about this sauna from the web. Just know that I'm only reprinting what is listed for my model number. I'm not guaranteeing its accuracy or anything. In other words, always do your own research, never take anyone's word on anything if they're not a true expert (and check them out twice as much if they claim to be an expert). That's what I always say at least. And all TheraSauna brand saunas also require a 20amp receptacle/wall outlet. I got this done at our house for very cheap. Some modern homes may already have a few of these, but they may not be in the place you want to set your new sauna.

Either way, always consult a licensed electrician no matter how small the job is. And don't be afraid to use the "make me an offer" feature. Everything from here down is a reprint of info about the Therasauna TS5753 Infrared Sauna from online: The only FAR infrared sauna in the world with a patented on-board computer system for constant infrared emission. TheraSauna® uses proprietary, high glass-content, solid-ceramic TheraMitters at the proper watt/density for deep body penetration to induce profuse sweating and thereby detoxifying the human body. Therasauna is made in the U.

With the patented control system that allows for complete control and the ability to consistently reach the desired far-infrared micron level of 9.4. Our patented StableHeat technology helps create the most constant and beneficial levels of far infrared. TheraSauna® is the only company to use aspen hardwood, which is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Micron Power Select allows you to vary the infrared output from each TheraMitter zone and control the infrared micron range during your sauna session. TheraSauna® meets the electrical requirements to be ETL and CE certified in the US, Canada, and Europe. TheraSauna® emits very low levels of EMF, compared to the high levels of EMF produced by saunas using less efficient carbon fiber materials and rod TheraMitters. Therasauna TS5753 Infrared Sauna features. Dimensions: 58.5" W x 50.5" D x 78 H. Controls: Patented MPS 7 Day Programmable Touchview Control. Heaters: 10 Solid Ceramic TheraMitters.

Bench: Reversible Bench (Flat & Curved). Door: Smoke Glass Door with Two Side Windows and TheraSauna® Logo. Electrical: Plugs into 120 Volt / 20 Amp Outlet.

Exterior: Warm Mahogany Clear Seal Finish or Natural Aspen Finish. Interior: Tongue & Groove Interior. Light: Elegant, Dimmable Sconce Light, 60 Watt Bulb capacity (bulb not included). Meets/Exceeds ETL and CE safety requirements.

TheraSaunas® far-infrared is produced during the entire sauna session. When the sauna reaches temperature, the patented MPS Therasauna® Touchview 3.0 idles the TheraMitters down to surface temperature of under 230°F. The TheraMitters will return to 400°F and above when necessary, keeping a steady temperature and micron range. The far-infrared produced is still consistently reaching the optimal 9.4 micron range for human absorption due to the unique physical design of solid ceramic TheraMitters, penetrating up to 2 below the skin. This creates an environment where the user receives more infrared in 20 minutes than they would during a 40 minute session in other brand saunas.

Therasauna® produces zero cold spots when operating and does not vent plastics and carbon fibers into the sauna cabinet, unlike our competitors. Carbon saunas only reach the one surface temperature of approximately 230°F and turn off after reaching their set convection air temperature, losing air temperature and creating an ineffective range of infrared. The TheraSauna® Stable Heat System does not turn off, but powers down and sends a trickle charge of electricity to maintain the surface temperature of the TheraMitters, thus consistently reaching the 9.4 micron range of far infrared.

The best example of how TheraSauna's® Stable Heat System works in relation to our competitors is to imagine a light switch. If the light switch is flipped on, the light in the room will turn on. The moment the switch is turned off, the light goes out and the room is dark. Infrared is a form of light, just like the visible light in the example, but on a different spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. TheraSauna's® Stable Heat System remains on during the entire sauna session, meaning infrared is produced the entire sauna session, just like turning on the light with the light switch and leaving it on the whole time you are in the room.

In a competitor's sauna, the infrared will be produced until the set temperature is reached. The moment the set temperature is reached, infrared immediately stops being produced, just like shutting off the light with the light switch. No more infrared is being produced, just like flipping the light switch to off turns off the light. So, it's much like sitting in a room with the lights on for 40 minutes, but you have to sit in the dark for half of the time.

Our Stable Heat System prevents this from happening in TheraSauna®, giving the user a clear advantage in the amount of exposure to far infrared. The SpectraWave function is an exclusive feature that allows the sauna to move through a specific infrared spectrum. The sauna's onboard computer system has 8 different pre-selected power settings and it will scroll through a new setting every 2 minutes. This feature allows TheraSauna® to produce near, middle, and far infrared energy when this feature is utilized. See below for some sample SpectraWave power settings.

Non-Toxic Aspen Wood: Safety is a huge concern for us when using a sauna. Many users look to Therasauna® for health and detoxification purposes, so we want to make sure our saunas are made of the safest components to enhance the benefits of infrared, rather than hinder it. This is why our saunas are hand-crafted in the USA; we have an attention to detail that we feel is important when making saunas and it cannot be achieved by cookie-cutter production. Infrared energy heats objects directly and penetrates up to 2 inches below the surface. This means the infrared heat also penetrates the sauna wood in addition to your skin, so the wood that a sauna is made of is very important. Cedar and redwood contain a natural insecticide within these wood called turpines. When a sauna made of cedar or redwood is turned on, these naturally occurring oils within the wood become heated and gas off a substance called cedrine. Cedrine attacks the central nervous system of insects and kills them.

In some cases, it can also cause vomiting and convulsions in humans. TheraSauna® is made of aspen hardwood, which is a clear wood grown at elevations where the trees do not produce an insecticide. Our aspen wood is carefully chosen, and we make sure that all of our aspen wood is furniture grade.

Other saunas have thinner wood and are much less durable, where Therasauna® uses only the thickest and most durable wood, 2-3 times thicker than our competitors. Health Concerns Related to Different Types of Woods Used for Saunas - Here's a summary of health effects from typical woods saunas are made from. Aspen - No health effects. Cedar - Asthma, allergic contact dermatitis sensitizer, decrease in lung function, eye irritation, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, convulsions, vomiting and effects on the central nervous system. Hemlock - Skin irritation, decreased lung function, rhinitis. Spruce - Skin irritation, wood pulp workers disease.

Poplar - Contact dermatitis, rhinitis. TheraSauna uses a safe, radiant FAR infrared heat source that penetrates up to 2.5 in. Below the skin surface to deep heat muscles and joints. This is the same heat source used by doctors and physical therapist.

The Patented Stable Heat System produces a consistent 9.4 microns of infrared to provide more health benefits like detoxification; cardiovascular strengthening improves the immune system and relieves pain from Arthritis, Rheumatism and Fibromyalgia. TheraSauna is handcrafted with 99% non toxic and non allergenic Aspen hardwood.

Patented MPS TouchView 7 day programmable interior control that allows 2 users to set the desired time your sauna will turn on Monday through Sunday. Onboard computer memory will hold the settings in memory even if the sauna experiences a power failure.

Unique MPS control also allows you to control the temperature and micron level of each individual heating unit, the built in spectra-wave control allows you to wave through the entire micron range from 0 to 14 microns of infrared. Interior reading light and 7 external LED roof lights. Smoke glass door with 2 side windows. The item "New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)" is in sale since Friday, May 24, 2019. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Pools & Spas\Saunas". The seller is "drmark2001" and is located in Bloomington, Indiana. This item can't be shipped, the buyer must pick up the item.

  • Brand: TheraSauna
  • Installation Area: Indoor
  • Type: Infrared Sauna
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Capacity: 1-3

New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)    New TheraSauna Far-Infrared Indoor Sauna. Dry-heat type (best kind to buy)